Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda To Raise Social Justice Awareness

Bobby Shmurda, of Martin Shkreli fame, voiced his desire to raise awareness for social justice after spending time in Rikers Island before being transferred to Westchester County Correctional facility.

The rapper was arrested December 2014 along with several members of his GS9 crew on weapons and murder charges. Shmurda was originally supposed to spend his incarceration period in Rikers Island, but after getting into an altercation with fellow inmates and attempting to smuggle a shank into the jail with the help of his girlfriend, he was transferred to Westchester County Correctional Facility.

In a recent interview with Revolt, Shmurda expressed his disdain for how the justice system treats the accused. “I’m ready to get into criminal justice. I’m ready to start protesting,” he claimed, before elaborating, “I’m about to really get in tune with stuff because it’s crazy. It’s crazy about what the system’s doing, how the system’s not even following their own laws.”

The 21-year-old has in the past accused the justice system of being crooked when his attorney, Alex Spiro, suggested that the two lead detectives who arrested the rapper, have had “credibility issues,” stating that they had allegedly been mixed up with planting evidence and making false arrests. He has also made the claim that the two detectives were targeting Shmurda and his crew for some months, before making the arrest with lead to charges being pressed.

Shmurda has said that a lot of his incarcerated time has been spent looking over his own case, while growing increasingly frustrated at the treatment he and other inmates have been facing.

“They lock us up like we animals all day, this is not prison. Remember, this is jail. Prison is when you’re convicted for something. That’s prison. And prisoners have more freedom than us. They be outside. Prisoners walk around. They got programs. They got schools. They got a bunch of stuff they can get into. They even got college courses up there that prisoners can take.”

Bobby Shmurdas trial is scheduled to start May 11.

Main Image: inasirkl