Check Out a New Mini-Documentary on Feddie Gibbs

After detailing his struggle with addictions in his latest videoFACT have turned the tables and released a special three-minute mini-documentary detailing the musical journey of Freddie Gibbs.

The video shows a sentimental Gibbs reflecting on the diversity of his fan base, before voicing his desire to be “more dangerous” with the music he is producing.

“All of these life experiences, they just culminate in what the music is. At this point in my career I’m really trying to perfect my sound…I’m really keen to create my own content.”

“I didn’t get into this rap game to stay the same..I can put out projects whenever I want to and I can tour whenever I want to.” Watch the full video below.

This isn’t the first time Freddie has expressed sentiments regarding a willingness to change and progress musically.

When we chatted to Gibbs last month, he voiced his intent of moving forward, stating that “As long as my music is relevant to the game, it’s relevant… I’m glad you can never put me in a box.”

Gibbs recently wrapped up a sold out Australian tour, which our Melbourne reviewer described as “high energy, hardcore gangster rap from beginning to end.

Alongside packing out international tours, remixing Kanye West and running a weed business, the ever productive Gibbs may have to change his game again as he slowly moves out of the underground and into the hip-hop limelight.

Image: HotNewHipHop