Tink Dropped A New Track You Need To Hear Right Now

It’s been a while between releases – and there still isn’t an official date for her debut album – but Chicago rapper Tink has just come through with a new track and let us just say: It. Is. Straight. Up. Fucken. Fire.

Produced by Timbaland, who has said that Aaliyah appeared in a dream to him and called Tink “the one”, Circle The Block joins Trust No One and Dinero in following up her Winter Diary 3 mixtape, which dropped mid-2015. Since then, she’s also given a few hints about her rumoured upcoming debut album via Timbaland’s label Mosley Music Group, including the tentative title Think Tink.

While it hasn’t been suggested that Circle The Block will appear on the album, there’s no doubt that with its fast-pace and kicking-ass before taking names attitude, it falls right within Tink’s domain. She goes hard in just two verses without a hook to back her up and it showcases exactly why Tink is right to declare that this year is going to be epic as she does before going in on the track. She takes it upon herself to call out others in the game and despite her “no shade” proclamation, there’s some seriousness thrown in the direction of those who “couldn’t make it with their own sound”. The cover art shows a high heel covered in blood, presumably, it’s that of everyone Tink has just eviscerated with Circle The Block.

Image: Complex