Here’s John Legend Singing About Downton Abbey’s Whiteness To The Theme Of Downton Abbey

The finale of Downton Abbey may have finished, but the conclusion of the show wasn’t enough to tie up a certain loose end for John Legend.

Picking up on the lack of diversity of the cast of the program, the singing legend took to the stage of Jimmy Kimmel to air his grievances with his own cover of the programs theme song.

Playing a grand piano and accompanied by the haunting theme music of the program, Legend opened the song with the lyric “Everyone is very white, we don’t have one black friend. Mary and Edith love to fight, we dress in formal wear for dinner almost every night.”

Other lyrical highlights included that observation that “Grandmama is a witch, she needs to get laid” with a large picture of Maggie Smith in the foreground, as well as applauding the fact that “We have a footman who is gay, he is always carrying a tray.”

It’s not the first time that Legend has beefed up the music for the sake of pop culture.

The soul icon has reportedly contributed the score of the forthcoming Spongebob Squarepants musical due out this June.

Recently, he also lent his talents to a dramatic reading of Justin Bieber’s smash hit Sorry.

Who knows what else could be on the cards for this musical nomad?

Image: Groove Revolt