Sremmlife Crew Announce Trailmix Mixtape / Release Awful Track ‘Doggin’

With Rae Sremmurd releasing By Chance just after New Year’s, and announcing that sophmore album Sremmlife 2 would be coming soon, today Sremmurd’s Sremmlife Crew have announced their latest mixtape and released the first track.

Trailmix, featuring each member of the crew – Slim Jimmy, Swae Lee, Riff 3x, BoBo Swae, Impxct and D-Jay Sremm. Ahead of their Puma sponsored appearance at SXSW, we get the impression this mixtape is also sponsored by Puma – which I can think of as a first – with the logo in the bottom left hand corner of the album art. They’ve also released Doggin to tie in with the announcement. It’s a little over three and a half minutes of heavy bass and all sorts of talk about “tossin’ these bitches, [and] doggin’ these hoes” – and that’s all it is. Hopefully Doggin is the worst thing to come out of Trailmix and they’re just getting it out of the way, because this is legit garbage. Have a listen to it yourself and I’m sure you’ll agree. The beat is repetitive and annoying as shit, and the lyrics are absolutely awful all the way through.

“If I can’t split you with none of my friends, then we ain’t got nothin’ to talk about.. we don’t fall in love with bitches, we just toss ‘em and then we kick ‘em out.”

It’s lazy, it’s horribly misogynistic, and I sincerely hope that this doesn’t get given any kind of platform if the whole tape is like this. Considering that Swae Lee was a co-writer on Beyoncé’s Formation, surely we can expect better than this. Would you show this to Beyoncé, Swae Lee? Would you?

Photo: theoriginalsociety.com