Big Grams Share Bizarre Animated Video By Adult Swim

Big Grams is the name of the collaborative duo comprised of Phantogram and Big Boi, and if you haven’t heard any of their self-titled 2015 debut yet, you are very much missing out. Blending Phantogram’s dark electro pop with Big Boi’s hip-hop legacy, the trio make some really good tunes, and now it seems that can be said for their music videos as well.

Like Scooby Doo on acid, the Big Grams crew get up to some crazy adventures in these clips, directed by Awesome Inc. The first track in the double video is the Run The Jewels featuring Born To Shine, so the gang are greeted with an animated, long coating wearing Killer Mike kicking down the door of the bar. It’s relatively harmless, a few barflies here and there, but before too long, the barflies show their true, monster like qualities (including the woman El-P was motorboating) and Big Grams are blasted into an alternate universe. From here, fittingly for Run For Your Life, Big Grams get lost in a horror house, complete with eye balls, a crocodile woman and a weird leprechaun family. Standard really.

This is the first we have heard from Big Grams since early November last year, when they released the video for lead single, Fell In The Sunas well as their incredible performance on Jimmy Kimmel. There isn’t any word on any future releases from the supergroup, but that isn’t stopping us from hoping there is another album on the way!

Image: Spin