Jack Antonoff

Jack Antonoff Offers To Produce For Kesha And “Leak It For Everyone”

Jack Antonoff, producer and lead singer of The Bleachers has today joined the long list of musicians publicly declaring their support for Kesha after she was denied exit from a contract that binds her to working with a man she claims mentally, emotionally and physically abused her. Antonoff offered to produce something for Kesha and “leak it to everyone” or “wait on it till that creep can’t block you anymore.” In the past he’s worked with the likes of Taylor Swift, Sia, Carly Rae Jepson and Grimes so a collaboration could mean the start of a huge comeback for Kesha. Not to mention he is currently dating the hilarious master of real talk, GIRLS producer and actress Lena Dunham so Kesha would probably get to hang out with her.

The “creep” Antonoff refers to is Kesha’s producer Lukasz ‘Dr. Luke’ Gottwald, who earlier posted a series of tweets regarding Kesha’s allegations saying, “I didn’t rape Kesha and I have never had sex with her. Kesha and I were friends for many years and she was like my little sister.” This came after his lawyer released an official statement demanding that Kesha is able to record and release music without Dr. Luke and “any claim she isn’t free is a myth.”

Antonoff was not the only producer to offer his services as Zedd who has produced for Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez also gave Kesha a shout out today.

Despite her losing the court case, the support from Kesha’s peers and fans may see her come out of this on top.

Image: The Daily Beast