Here’s A Steamy New Justin Bieber Song For You

Justin Bieber has enjoyed an immense and wonderful comeback over the past few months, and if you’ve been reading Howl & Echoes in that time you’ll be fully aware of our support of the Bieber Renaissance. Following the release of his new album Purpose, along with what was undoubtedly some of the best pop tracks in recent years with singles Sorry and What Do You Mean? as well as the Grammy-winning Jack U collab Where Are U Now, a previously unheard track Oh Girl has now surfaced. Now, we’re not sure whether this is totally new, or perhaps a cut that never made it to Purpose, but we do know that it is actually pretty damn great.

More electro-R&B than his usual style, it’s slinky and seductive, with flirtatious lyrics and a seriously steamy melody.

Anchored by a muffled bass, the underlying rhythm glides way under the radar. Opening with a deep beat beneath a lightly auto-tuned melody, with additional percussive layers, piano and more filling up the soundscape. As it moves along, the music continues to build, with synths playfully manipulating the rhythms and overall vibe. Just before the three-minute mark comes a string and piano breakdown, before the entire soundscape drops into a sweeping, progressive instrumental.

One for that bedroom playlist? Absolutely.

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Image: BreatheHeavy