Watch Bruce Springsteen Cover David Bowie’s ‘Rebel Rebel’

Something that has been really interesting to notice about the tragic passing of David Bowie is just how far flung his influence really was. It isn’t just your average person feeling this loss, but people of all ages all over the world. It’s times like this that music brings people together, but it is kind of surreal to see people like Brian EnoRicky Gervais and Arcade Fire also expressing their grief at the loss of the musical icon. It’s even more surreal to hear Bruce Springsteen talk about the time he caught a Greyhound bus to see Bowie in the studio, before launching into a cover of Rebel Rebel.

That’s exactly what happened over the weekend, and because the internet is both a beautiful and cruel place, some kind soul has uploaded footage of the whole thing for us to enjoy as well. During the opening night of his River tour in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Springsteen recalled his long history with Bowie, calling him his “good friend” and saying “he supported our music way, way back in the very, very beginning.” He also told the audience about how he went to Philadelphia to visit Bowie as he was making the Young Americans album in 1973, and that Bowie had previously covered Springsteen’s music, so it was quite fitting that The Boss now returned the favour.

Giving it that Springsteen flavour, Bruce did Rebel Rebel absolute justice. It took the audience no time at all to get into it, and provided the perfect atmosphere to pay homage to his late friend. You can catch the clip below:

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Image via Spin