The Best Songs Of This Week

Happy 2016, Howl readers! Thanks for staying with us! To treat you for making it through the first week of the new year, we’ve once again kept an eye on the music that has come out this week and have narrowed it down to the very best songs you need in and around your ear drums right now.

Smerz, Because

Copehagen female producer duo Smerz kicked off the year in style with this club-ready banger. Bass heavy and super sassy, it features vocals a la Little Dragon and a slick finish that is synonymous with the European club scene. This one will have you grooving almost instantly!

Rosie Lowe, Woman

It’s just over a month until we finally get to hear Rosie Lowe’s debut album, Control, and whilst we were already excited for that to drop, our anticipation levels have been kicked into overdrive after hearing this gem. Inspirational, vulnerable, exposing and just so damn enjoyable, Woman is one of Lowe’s best songs yet and has us practically counting down the days until her February 19 release date!

Sunflower Bean, Easier Said

Speaking of new albums, Sunflower Bean are just weeks away from releasing their debut album, Human Ceremony (February 5th). Dreamy rock’n’roll at it’s finest, this trio are quickly becoming one of our favourites and it’s tracks like Easier Said that reaffirm our growing love for them.

Bon Voyage, Don’t Tread On Me

Bon Voyage first came on our radar when he released Booshie – a badass track that had us hooked instantly. Now he’s back with Don’t Tread On Me, and it seems he’s continuing this trend of grabbing our attention within seconds. This track is a total earworm that won’t leave your head for days, but it’s just so much fun, we don’t really mind!

Editors, Ocean of Night (Henri PFR Remix)

Although I wouldn’t initially think a piano house remix would be well suited for an Editors song, I am more than prepared to eat my words after hearing this song. This pulsing floor filler combines the unique, soulful vocals of Editors’ frontman Tom Smith with deep house flourishes and a classic house synth line to make an explosive, near euphoric remix. You may be a little apprehensive if you’re an Editors fan, but you will also be pleasantly surprised.

Oisima, Grovers Lament ft. Adam Page

We are huge fans of Oisima here at Howl & Echoes, so any new material from his is fine by us. Taken from his stellar album Nicaragua NightsGrovers Lament is an exotic breath of fresh in a sometimes stale climate when it comes to Australian electronic music. Featuring the seductive saxophone, intricate drum patterns, soulful vocal cuts and tremendous production, Grovers Lament is one of the many highlights on Nicaragua Nights.

Cosmo’s Midnight, Falling Out (ft Lido)

Having just announced a nationwide tour, electro-dance duo Cosmo’s Midnight aren’t wasting any time making sure everyone is as keen as they possibly can be for their new set of shows, and have released their latest single. This time teaming up with prolific beatmaker Lido, the Cosmo’s boys have stepped up more than a few notches here, and they sound all the better for it!

Trudy, Baby I’m Blue

For fans of bands like The Black Keys or The Rubens, Trudy’s new song Baby I’m Blue is definitely the track for you. Rhyming aside, this is good ol’ rock’n’roll at it’s best, but with a certain alternative flair that makes it just that little bit more interesting and takes it to another level. It could be the clunky drums, the staggering riff, the unique vocals or a combination of all three, but something’s got us hooked and we’re totally okay with it.

Raleigh Ritchie, Keep It Simple (ft Stormzy)

Raleigh Ritchie, as in the guy from Game Of Thrones, has a new album on the way and we couldn’t be more excited. Not only is he a popular favourite on GoT, but he’s also quite the talented musician, and his latest release may just be our favourite of all. Teaming up with grime MC Stormzy, the pair work so well together over a bed of warm synths and steady drums. This song is a total jam.