Stormzy Releases New Track ‘Standard’

UK grime MC Stormzy is on a steady, and rapid rise to international success and for very good reason. His energetic, borderline aggressive in all the right ways, and intelligent tracks have made him become known as a force to be reckoned with, but something tells us he’s just getting started. Today, he once again has unleashed his fury in a brand new track, Standard, and once again he refuses to hold back.

Teaming up with The Heavytrackerz for production duties, Stormzy, who was recently in the country for OutsideIn, chills in a throne in between scenes of him throwing down in some alleyways. His fashion choices are on point, with Adidas and camo print just about everywhere, as he gets straight down to it. Clearly having a few things to get off his chest, the UK MC holds it down whilst calling out his critics and haters, and those that had a few words to say about his recent MOBO award for Best Grime Act of 2015. “You are not Skepta/ You are not Wiley,” he quotes as he stares down the camera, clearly not giving one fuck what anyone thinks. “Tell all the haters to kiss my arse/ This year’s been mad like where do I start?” he almost shrugs, acknowledging his well deserved success and what he really thinks the naysayers should do.

The track is menacing with it’s heavy beat, church bell chimes and Stormzy’s impossibly quick flow. It’s a formidable release and one that sees him standing on a metaphorical box with his arms wide open: here is he, take it or leave it. Watch the video for yourself below.