Public Enemy’s cab drove off, so they hitched with a fan

When Kevin Wells lined up for an autograph with rap legends Public Enemy, he didn’t realise just how unusual his night was about to become.

A gig supporting The Prodigy, a missing taxi and a free Ford Focus all aligned, to give Kevin Wells the story of a lifetime. Wells was lining up to have some merchandise signed at a record store in Sheffield when one of the group’s entourage shouted out “Does anyone have a car, we’re running late?”

Wells obliged, and before long Flavor Flav, Chuck D and two of their entourage were piling into his Ford Falcon.

“We had a right laugh,” he told local paper, The Sheffield Star“We were chatting away, but the phone was constantly going as their management were clearly worried.”

They needn’t have been though, as the Sheffield local photographer worked the backstreets and navigated the notorious traffic. Yet he probably wished the traffic would prolong the journey a little longer.

“I had a compilation CD I’d made in the car,” Wells told The Guardian. “It was on low but suddenly when Bohemian Rhapsody came on, one of the entourage at the front shouted ‘Bo Rap! Waynes World!’ and they all started headbanging in the back of the car.”

“I kept looking in the rear view mirror and I could see Flava Flav with his sunglasses on and his big clock and I couldn’t believe it.”

Naturally, security at the venue had a little trouble believing that the middle aged Wells in a Ford Focus was carrying the multi-millionaires in his car, but once they show their IDs, they were ushered through.

Ironically, Wells says he wasn’t the biggest fan of their music. However, since the fateful car trip, he says he’s a massive fan of Flavor Flav and Chuck D, and he’s bought the new CD.

Good on you Kevin.