Goodgod reveal new owners, farewell party details and more

After five years of stuffing our stomachs with delicious food, sweating it out to some phenomenal music into the early hours of the morning and quizzing us on our favourite shows, much-loved Sydney venue Goodgod Small Club has announced its final days. The news comes after the September announcement that the venue was for sale.

The new operators of the club have been announced and the final eight nights of parties revealed. Esperance Hotel Group will be trying to fill the massive shoes, branding the place as Plan B Small Club. The final night will be the 12th of December, and the days leading up to it will see a stream of all-out parties, set to farewell Goodgod in serious style. The final show will feature a stellar Goodgod ‘Hall of Fame’ bill, with Twerps, Straight Arrows and Bed Wettin Bad Boys next Wednesday.

Goodgod posted a final statement to Facebook: “The time has come. Goodgod Small Club will be open for just two more weeks before we pack up shop to go walkabout. The great news is that we are handing over to a brand new crew who will continue to run the place as a venue – please get familiar with Plan B Small Club.”

“Goodgod is nothing without all of you, so thank you for coming down night in, night out and making it such an inclusive and uplifting Small Club to both work and play in…big love and please stay tuned for GG’s next incarnations in the new year.”

The question remains, how much is going to change? Goodgod have already promised that any gigs or events already scheduled will continue per normal. Belly Bao will be hanging around to line our drunken bellies, and the themed trivia nights will likewise continue and the venue will continue as a live music hub. The new owner has said he wants to maintain the same crowd, community and artists which call Goodgod home. However, beyond that is less clear – so head down for the next eight events and soak up the Goodgod vibes for the last time.

The details for their final night GOODGOD & GOODBYE: The Final Dance are out, and tickets are on sale now. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details!

Check out Goodgod and Plan B’s full statements below: