Carly Rae Jepsen re-releases single in made up language from The Sims

With her new album floundering in the charts, Carly Rae Jepsen seems to be hoping to tap into an uncharted fan base to recapture some of that ridiculous Call Me Maybe success – by recording one of her songs in The Sims made up language.

While it might seem slightly odd to reduce yourself to recreating one of your songs to adhere to a language in which women often shout “WooHoo” when giving birth, Jepsen is actually among quite revered company as she belts out a chorus in complete gibberish. She joins Hot Chip, Paramore, My Chemical Romance and even Katy Perry who have all cemented themselves in the Sim universe by recreating their hits for the Sim soundtrack.

Jepsen chose her latest single Run Away With Me to be transposed into something resembling “Nobo tiga blissa somu,” to be forever played as 14 year olds terrorise imaginary people by locking them in doorless rooms and giggling as they try and make them have sex (give up guys, it’s not possible).

There is something quite compelling about hearing a multi-millionaire pop star sing in Simlish. Unfortunately for Jepsen, the Simlish ramblings will unlikely to hit home as much as something like Katy Perry’s Hot n Cold due to the average chart success of the song.

Yet we should be pleased that even the animated prisoners of the Sims can enjoy Jepsen’s best music yet as they try and master to evil architectural plans of their human overlords.

Here’s the original: