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Tyler, The Creator drops his darkest, most surreal video yet

Tyler, The Creator is not one to shy away from controversy, the absurd, the confronting. Not only has he recently made headlines as an outspoken, censored artist, banned from the UK AND Australia over offensive lyrics penned a few years ago, but his uniquely childish-yet-so-aggressive music, and accompanying video clips seem to grow more and more interesting, aware, and powerful by the minute.

Today sees the release of the stark new video clip for Buffalo, off Cherry Bomb, released earlier this year (read our album review here). While he may be using his spare time to create cartoon TV shows, it seems that his video clips are quickly becoming a way for him to spread a more powerful message.

Buffalo is a deep, grinding track – one of the best off Cherry Bomb, and the clip is appropriately, expectedly unnerving – bordering on disturbed. The clip opens with a closeup of Tyler, painted entirely white, against a white backdrop. The scene pans out, and suddenly he’s hanging by a noose from a tree, a violent mob fast approaching, until he miraculously escapes. From there, Tyler enters what feels like a series of mini-sketches, from talking in front of a crowd, to painting his face black, to a suddenly grainy, retro late-night-show-esque musical performance from a timid Tyler and full band. Watch out for cameos from both Kali Uchis and Laneway-performers The Internet.