The Hip-Hop Health Regiment: Part One

Exercise is not my friend. My diet is far from ideal. So who better than to chronicle a healthy eating regime for the world to see! Hip-hop is my friend. But I don’t think I’m quite cut out for the world of gang warfare, grillz and sagging pants. So why not adopt a tamer aspect of the current hip-hop persona and apply it to my everyday life in an attempt to live a healthier life? Is this all one big joke? Kind of. Do I hope that in chronicling my regiment I’m forced into following a healthier lifestyle for a change? You bet.


Part 1- The workout preparation of a 6god


These days it seems like everyone has been converted to a world of detoxes, gym memberships and protein shakes.


We can all relate to the trials and tribulations of trying to get healthy. The broken promises to yourself, the struggling to maintain a steady running pace, and the faint flickering of motivation that comes over you, only to be overwhelmed by the urge to emotionally eat ice cream.


Personally, I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. It’s something that remains firmly placed in the forefront of my mind. Motivation is my biggest hurdle; so what better way to commit to weight loss than to share my journey with a bunch of strangers, while giving everything a unique twist.


We’ve seen the ways that adopting a hip-hop related lifestyle can be challenging (aka the vegan diet from hell). So why not consult my favourite genre of music and source some inspiration? We were first introduced to 50 Cent while he was mid pull up. Killer Mike has recently taken to Instagram to document his own weight loss story. Eminem has preached his own cleanse by beating a drug addiction. Thankfully I don’t have to overcome substance abuse, but I can take inspiration from the journey that my favourite rappers have undertaken.


In terms of total transformations, we need look no further than the 6god himself, Drizzy, Aubrey, Drake. From humble beginnings in being gunned down in Degrassi, to his ascension to the rap throne, it is Drake’s physical transformation that has taken the world by storm.


drake (1)
In order to start my journey, I’m going to need to examine the ways in which the Toronto native has crafted his own workout persona.


Step 1: Acquire a 6god beard.


There is an old legend that Drake’s beard is the one true source of his power, and provided the testosterone boost needed to dismantle Meek Mill’s career. Facial hair needs to be my first port of call. Luckily my ginger tinged beard has been developing lately, and with a quick trim, I’ve begun to mould my own resemblance to Drizzy.




Uncanny right? You don’t need to tell me twice.


Step 2: Obtain adequate workout gear.


Following the Instagrams of your favourite musicians is risky these days. Even Justin Bieber has successfully emasculated me with his gym selfies and progress shots. In all of these photos, it would seem that proper workout gear is key to the process.




Taking some more inspiration from the current King himself, my wardrobe has been carefully crafted to further my inspiration.




Toronto jersey to ensure maximum exposure to the city? Check.


Steph Curry jersey to inform my fans that I am indeed Steph curry with the shot? Check.


Iconic lyrical t-shirt to remind myself that I don’t want to end up like Meek Mill? Check.


And finally, a collection of other jerseys to pander to the superstars of the sporting world? Check check check.




Step 3: Sign up to a gym.


Perhaps the sign that this entire process was going to be overwhelmingly anxiety inducing was walking into a gym for the first time in, well, ever.


But, after a nervous sweat and a brief walk through of the equipment, I am well on my way to obtaining a figure that Drake himself would be proud of.