Will Smith returns to the studio at the ripe age of 47

Will Smith announced that he has recently been back in the studio, and I can’t help but think – why? What has the world come to?

Sure, Will Smith has had some good songs in the past. Operative word being ‘past’ – nobody really wants ‘new’ Will Smith music, do they? My news feed is already plagued by news of his son Jaden’s shoplifting girlfriend and daughter Willow’s underage music, so I didn’t need this to happen right now.

I think the years have taken their toll on Willy. I mean, making a new album late in life is not unheard of, but another album combined with Men in Black 4, Bad Boys 3 and possibly a modern reboot of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has midlife crisis written all over it. It’s got to make you wonder why he feels the need to relive all his past accomplishments. Most people just go out and buy a sports car when they have their midlife crises, but I guess maybe he already had plenty of those.

Now let’s be clear – I am not saying that I don’t love MiB and Bad Boys 1 and 2, or that the Fresh Prince’s Girls Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble wasn’t my jam and that sometimes I left school early to catch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on TV. I am just saying I like these memories as memories, and I can relive them on DVD anytime I want.

Will’s recent rap verse on a remix of Bomba Estéreo’s song, Fiesta, was our first taste at what the new Will will bring on his album and his “pretty certain” world tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff, and at the risk of incriminating myself, I will just leave the track here for you to hear for yourself. I’ll just say it’s definitely no Men in Black.

He doesn’t mention if the album will feature his kids or not, though honestly I think he should probably make some music with them. The could be like the von Trapp family, or the Jackson 5. You know, they could make a Christmas album, something for everyone to enjoy.

Please, Will Smith, keep my favourite things about you my favourite things about you. Don’t go all American The Office on me – shows are meant to end, rappers are meant to retire and trilogies should never be forced. Please, Will Smith, just buy another sports car.

If you think you might disagree with my assessment, have a look at what the man himself has to say about his new venture in the clip below.