PLAYLIST: The Best New Music Of The Week

Each week, we have our eyes and ears open for the best of the best when it comes to new music, and each and every week the world delivers. For your listening pleasure, we have narrowed it down to just 10 tracks we think are more than worth your time. From hip hop to dance, pop to neo-R&B, there is something for everyone in this playlist. You are so very welcome.

Kali Uchis, Ridin’ Round (Prod. DJ Dahl)

Rising international superstar Kali Uchis actually released this track back in February on her Por Vida EP, but it seems DJ Dahl just couldn’t get enough of it, and decided to release his own version of the track. Self-described as “forsure one of my favorite records I’ve done this year,” DJ Dahl has well and truly outdone himself with this one. Whilst we love the original, we have had to make a special place in our heart for this bad boy.

Sofi De La Torre, London x Paris

We’ve had our eye on Sofi De La Torre for a while now, and with each release she always has us coming back for more. This latest track is one of her best yet. Smoky, emotional, passionate and a little more raw and exposed than we’re used to from De La Torre, London x Paris is her most intimate track and definitely one of our favourites. Crisp beats piercing a bed of thick, hazy synth and her naturally beautiful vocals, this is a total dream.

Bri Clark, Shiver

This is one of the most powerful tracks I’ve heard in a while. So passionate, so raw; Bri Clark pushes herself as far as she can go with this one and she sounds so good whilst doing it. She isn’t taking any of your bullshit whilst casting herself in the most exposing light she’s been in yet, and as a result I just can’t stop listening to this song.

Ribongia, Journeys

Ribongia is the musical moniker of the Italian-born, Sydney-based producer who has just released new single Journeys. The jungle-inspired track is the first taste of his upcoming ESCAPISMS EP, following on from the last, It Began. This is a really interesting track that focuses squarely, and heavily on the rhythm – and what a rhythm it is. Calling on jungle and break-beat elements, the percussively-loaded track is free, nearly ecstatic, a real celebration. Fun, frantic and completely hypnotic, my feet have already starting to move.

EMRSN, Down (Prod Jarreau Vandal)

Melbourne neo-R&B artist EMRSN returns with a new single, Down. Working with Soulection producer Jarreau Vandal, Down is, quite simply, a wonderful track. The track immediately grabs your attention with that huge rhythm, the expansive percussive beat, the synths that both combine with, and elevate the already-soaring vocals. Soon, the main beat kicks in, immediately shifting the vibe to a funky, fresh and wide-eyed feel. All in all it’s a wonderful atmosphere – sprawling, fun and sonically gorgeous.

Young Tapz, Killa

Young Tapz might ring a bell or two, and that would be thanks to his featuring spots on TWO of Hermitude‘s biggest tracks, The Buzz and Through The Roof. However, now it’s his turn to take centre stage, and we couldn’t be more excited about this track. Absolutely fucking massive, Killa immediately thrusts him onto his own level. Speaking about his track, Young Tapz said, “It’s dangerous out here, I’m just tryna let my people know.” Thanks for the heads up, Tapz, but we could have used some warning that you were sitting on a track as fiery as this one.

Kendrick Lamar, Alright (SVSSY Flip)

Well, I’ll bet you’ve never heard K-Dot quite like this. The jarring, glitchy, weird and wonderful synth-heavy flip is courtesy of mysterious new Sydney producer SVSSY. The flip really feels more like a brand new track with a Kendrick sample. The atmosphere is completely packed and nearly disconcerting in its intensity and, ultimately, it’s strangeness. The rhythm carries it through, however, building and growing here and there, ever-changing tones and colours. Listen closely to the sample a bit before the six-minute mark, it’s from Kendrick’s ‘I’m Preaching Hope, Not Violence’ interview.

Wishes, I Want to be Alone With You

The latest from Sydney outfit Wishes is a sparkly offering of on-trend indie/electro-pop, just in time for the festival season. Practically made for summer, this warm and infectious track is immediately reminiscent of the likes of MGMTFoster The People or even Passion Pit, but it’s his modern production that keeps it in 2015 and beyond, well away from 2009. Accessible with it’s mainstream appeal, but still slightly leftfield to keep alternative dance fans happy, Wishes will be a name we will be seeing a lot of very soon, whether we like it or not!

The Tongue, Never Going Down ft. Ngaiire

We recently shared The Tongue’s first single from his upcoming album, You Got Me ft. Matayaand today he returns with Never Going Down ft. Ngaiire. Opening on light synths and a bulging bass, the trap-influenced rhythm caught me off guard at first – but I love it. Once again The Tongue is lyrically dense, with a compelling flow through every verse. Ngaiire’s uniquely rich vocals are the perfect padding, too. This is another really impressive offering from the Sydney artist – I’m looking forward to hearing more.

Surahn, Wanted To Fly

A modern take on groovy, psychedelic rock ‘n roll, this single is the first original new release from this producer/singer/songwriter for a long while – and I think it’s incredible. While you may not know the name, it’s likely you’ll know the talent. Surahn is a prolific performer and collaborator, having worked with Kimbra and Usher, sung live with Flight Facilities, and toured extensively with Empire of the Sun. Now he’s going it alone, and if the rest of his material sounds anything like this, it won’t be long at all until “Surahn” is a name you know REALLY well.