BBHMM Writer Bibi Bourelly Releases Debut ‘Ego’

Hey, you know that song that Rihanna put out this year that’s probably one of the biggest and most widely listened tracks she’s ever done? What’s it called again? Oh yeah, Bitch Better Have My Money, that one. Well, the woman who wrote that is now putting out her own music, and it’s amazing. She’s nineteen, her name is Bibi Bourelly, and her track is called Ego.

Ego, as you might expect, is partially about Bibi’s ego, but it’s also a story of how she got into music, her attitude and not letting anyone bring her down. The production is super simple, with basic percussion, a really nice twangy surf guitar sound, some piano, and a bit more bass thrown in for good measure. It really lets Bibi’s voice run all over the instruments – which sounds absolutely gorgeous. It’s so strong and so passionate throughout the entire song, you really start to feel emotional as her voice gets raspy throwing out really personal lines.

From BBHMM to Ego, expect to hear way more about Bibi Bourelly, and hopefully we hear more from her. She’s got a killer voice and some killer lyrics, and she’s already written two killer hits. Keep it locked for all news on Bibi, no doubt there will be, and get acquainted with her here.