How to take a selfie with Justin Bieber: a How-To Guide by Justin Bieber

People have been going a bit crazy for pop’s (kinda) reformed bad-boy Justin Bieber lately. I mean people other than myself. I’m certainly not a fan. At all. Nope.

Still, it seems that his transition back into the spotlight hasn’t been all that smooth. He had a few particularly candid interviews and some stellar televised performances, the first of which being his VMAs performance after-which he broke down in tears on stage (whether it was staged or not doesn’t really matter – though I would like to belieb it wasn’t). Now though, the 21-year-old seems to be having some camera-related problems.

The first was during another televised performance where a camera got in the way (presumably, it was difficult to tell) of his dancing. Now, during his visit to Australia, The Biebs has found himself with a selfie-issue. The fact that he doesn’t want to take any. Or at least, not if his fans aren’t going to respect him. In a series of videos uploaded to his Snapchat story recently, the pop-star spoke about the right way to approach him for a selfie.


A less than desirable result with a very uncomfortable Biebs.

You can watch the video for comprehensive guide as to how to take a selfie with The Biebs should you encounter him outside Nandos. The forumla can be applied to most other celebrities.