Zayn Malik says YES to a Tyler The Creator collab

If you missed the news, Tyler The Creator asked Former One Direction member Zayn Malik to collaborate with him. Tyler tweeted with his instrumentals and Malik’s voice, they could “figure something out”.

Apparently, Malik agrees. He responded, saying he is keen to “do some shit”.

Malik broke thousands of tween hearts worldwide when he abruptly left the boy band to be a “normal 20 year old”.

You know, because normal 20 year olds spend all their time in professional recording studios.

His work with producer Naughty Boy was made public when a track of Malik singing with an acoustic guitar was posted online. This collaboration may be over after Malik called him “a fat joke”.

Malik’s solo career has caused friction between him and some of former his band mates, as well as the Directioner community. Twitter has been a storm of tweet exchanges, rants and trending hashtags ever since he left in March this year. As the resident bad boy of the group, he and Tyler might get along well.

Tyler has announced that his Australian tour has been cancelled, despite the fact that his request for a working visa not yet rejected. This was due to the work of a feminist group called Collective Shout, stating that his music encouraged violence against women.

What do you think of the upcoming collab? Or better still, do you think it will actually happen?

Stay tuned to find out.