With You. and Vince Staples are ghosts

Switch (co-founder of Major Lazer and producer for goddesses like M.I.A and Beyonce) has a new project called With You. It is a collective brimming with electrifying talent from the likes of Rick Trainor, Jeff Penalva, Noah Schy, and Daouda Leonard. They have shared a new single called Ghost, which features Vince Staples.

Vince Staples’ slick raps weave around pseudo-industrial soundscapes, like a street goth Berliner dodging piercings and needles in Berghain. He really does demonstrate that his tongued-fire can lick any beat, and boy, does that molten hot lava flow fast. The best part of the song are the alien trumpeeters, who jeer us with their contorted brass-tech. On paper, this song should be a cronenbergian beast. But, everything works out beautifully. Thank you to whoever thought of this marvellous collaboration.