Best new songs of the week – super-sized!

We’ve had a couple weeks off from our weekly playlists, what with Splendour in the Grass, a few website mishaps and whatnot. But fear not – the playlist is back, and better than ever. We’ve already covered some of our favourite new songs this week from the likes of FoalsLil Dicky, Ben KhanGlass Animals, JOY, City Calm Down and FKA Twigs. Now, we’ve got a super-sized 20-track playlist of the rest of the best new songs for you, covering a full fortnight of the absolute coolest in electronic, hip hop, indie, remixes and more.


  • Ash Walker, Round The Twist ft. Nikolaj Torp Larsen
    Starting with a strange and beautiful instrumental trip-hop track with an Eastern flair. This is a floaty, psychedelic track that bubbles and boils its way through a really cool, semi-improvisational tango, featuring harmonica-player Nikolaj Torp Larsen. In a nutshell, I’m hypnotised.
  • Foals, What Went Down (The Haxan Cloak remix)
    If you haven’t figured it out by now, Howl & Echoes is obsessed with Foals. This remix takes that love, flips it on its head and spins it into another dimension. Phwoar. This track has left me on the edge of my seat, gripping onto unnerving sound effects and glitchy layers with the kind of panic usually reserved for plane turbulence and psychological thrillers. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
  • Duke Dumont, Ocean Drive
    Duke Dumont returns with the electrifying neo-disco Ocean Drive. Deep and driving, the bass anchors the track down, with synths and other layers dance atop. Leading the way is that gorgeous, velvety melody – it’s very Client Liaison. And that’s a good thing.
  • Goldroom, Tradewinds (ft. Kayslee Collins)
    Goldroom returns with Tradewinds, and interesting and diverse new track, with a rich, full soundscape. From the plinky-plonky psuedo-tropical opening, to the crunchy bass, to Collins’ delicate vocals, there’s something for everyone.
  • Canvas, You & Me
    This opens on a slow and sentimental vibe that reminds me of that Sunday-morning-light-rain, Rhye-esque sound. The track progresses into a smooth, dreamy atmosphere, with a sensual melody and delicate synths. An impressive debut from the Swedish electro-poppers!
  • Jodie Abacus, Good Feeling
    I really like the soulful simplicity of this upbeat track. The raspy vocals perfectly complement the smooth rhythm, and a gorgeous contrast against the ridiculously funky slap bass and chunky guitar chords. Catchy and uplifting, with great storytelling lyrics, this is a warm, bang-on-trend electro-funk offering.
  • Wave Racer, Flash Drive (ft. Baby)
    Wave Racer returns after a long stint out of the music-making game. It’s clear that his feet are firmly planted, with his new track still carrying that distinctively bubblegum-y Wave Racer sound. Props for the super sweet slap bass a little before the two-minute mark.
  • Mazde, Pitch Black (ft. LissA)
    German producer Mazde returns with the delicate and sweet, almost romantic Pitch Black. Written over the course of a single night with the honey-voiced LissA, this marks an interesting shift in his sound, certainly from the most recent tracks we’ve heard – and it really is quite lovely.
  • Låpsley, Burn
    Låpsley returns, and from the very start of this track, I’m in love. it took me years to learn how to play bass harmonics like that, and it complements her vocals and the gorgeous piano to absolute perfection. Stripped back and gradually progressive, this is a stunning output.
  • Angie, Down for the Count
    Opening on a grungy riff and a big, swampy beat, this is an awesome lo-fi blues-garage track from Angie, who played all instruments except drums on the track. While Angie has been kicking around in bands like Circle Pit and Straight Arrows for years, I think it’s solo stuff like this that really showcases what she can do.
  • Julietta, Conquest
    This is one hella seductive track. Drawing elements from trip-hop and electro-pop, pushed through a trippy, ambient lens, the result is smooth, flirtatious, and goddamn rhythmically satisfying. Husky and ethereal, I particularly love the vocal harmonies that dance toward the final chorus.
  • Willis Earl Beal, Survive
    He may have reportedly spent the last couple weeks in prison, but that doesn’t stop this enigmatic blues man from releasing beautiful music. One by one, instruments sparsely, slowly begin to enter the picture, creating a truly stunning, bluesy track that really showcases his incredible vocals.
  • Kwabs, Look Over Your Shoulder (produced by SOHN)
    Kwabs returns, and he’s put SOHN in the production seat. This is a match made in heaven; the result is a sexy, catchy electro-R&B track that’s already stuck in my head. The electrifying, rich atmosphere is misty, full, and absolutely invigorating. I LOVE this track.
  • Mallrat, Suicide Blonde (prod. Tigerilla)
    This is a pretty unique blend of pop, electro and upbeat hip hop from the upcoming 16-year-old Melbourne artist. Relatable lyrics and simple, catchy instrumental layers make for a fun, bouncy, radio-ready single. I’m looking forward to hearing where Mallrat progresses to.
  • Jackie Onassis, MIA ft. Vydamo
    Jackie Onassis are definitely one of my favourite local hip hop acts, so the news of new music is great! The pair have been honing their skills, and every verse is spat with swagger and confidence, while the uplifting electro-pop production makes for a really interesting backing track.
  • Kehlani, The Way ft. Chance The Rapper (Sángo remix)
    I absolutely adore the original of this track, and it’s interesting to hear it having been put into such a different light. This is a dreamy, pop-y, and far more ambient take on the original. The syncopated beat is hollowed and drawn out – it’s remarkably different, but still so good.
  • Vic Mensa, Heir to the Throne (Freestyle)
    Vic Mensa enlists his new label boss Jay-Z on this absolute ripper of a track. “It’s the beginning of a new dynasty,” he says, and if he keeps going at this rate, it’s completely true. Turning away from his advisors, away from so-called tradition, and the result is fucking great.
  • Vic Mensa, Heat It Up (Freestyle)
    Vic released two freestyles, and they’re both fucking great, so they’re both in here. Fairly different from the last track, with a spindly instrumental backing and a looser flow, it not only shows his talent, but his diversity. From swiping at other rappers to gentrification, he covers a range of topics orbiting around excessiveness.
  • Glasses Malone, Thuggin’ ft. Kendrick Lamar & Killer Mike
    The original version of this track came out earlier this year, and didn’t feature Killer Mike. The song was aggressive, confronting and powerful to start with, and now with Mike’s additional verse, it’s even stronger. Glasses Malone has a hell of a future ahead of him.
  • Kid Cudi, JFKPSA
    I thought we’d finish on something a little different. Here’s a new track from Kid Cudi, featuring a long vocal sample from a speech by John F Kennedy, backed by a driving beat and a crunchy guitar. The track was released with the note, “just a lil something to get your mind readjusted ;)” “The highest duty of the writer, the composer, the artist, is to remain true to himself, and to let the chips fall where they may.”