Tame Impala’s new video is scary

Tame Impala have released a video directed by David Wilson for Let It Happen, opening track and single off their highly regarded, long-awaited new album CurrentsI can imagine that watching this will be rather harrowing for all you aviophobes. I get it…  flying a vast distance above the earth in a flimsy, metal bird does not excite me either. In the video, a man collapses in an airport and then goes through a progressively intensifying string of hallucinations. At one point, his sandwich flashes its tomato and lettuce dentition as it speaks to him. The clip ends beautifully with the protagonist hovering, struck with awe (or a sudden need to evacuate his bowels), into a peach-pink vortex of cumuli. If only all mid-air disasters could end so romantically.

Considering the psychedelic nature of this clip, one can only wonder what’ll be coming next from Australia’s mos sought-after psych rock purveyors.

The video follows on from their recent clip for the beautiful single ‘Cause I’m A Man, featuring the band members as muppets, performing a pretty unique gig.

After years of waiting for their musical return, Tame Impala headlined Splendour in the Grass Festival at the end of July – you can read our festival review here.