Straight Outta Compton Polarises Audiences

N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton has taken the box office by storm, seemingly cementing Dr. Dre as someone who can never make a bad business decision, and showing that there is a growing mainstream interest in hip-hop and the rap culture itself.

While the release of the film has not been without controversy, the film has topped box offices in it’s opening week, recording an astounding $56.1 million in sales. The film has also set a record for the highest grossing R-rated film to debut in August.

Film buffs and hip-hop fans alike seem to be revelling in the gritty retelling of the rise of one of raps most iconic collectives, the LAPD has openly protested the release of the film, arguing that police officers are portrayed as nothing more than “beating machines”.

With the recent social and political unrest that is rife throughout the United States, it is perhaps not the best PR move for police officers to come out so strongly against their representation, particularly with the amount of footage that has come to light in recent years regarding racial tensions and police brutality. However it can be argued that a further misrepresentation of the work that police officers do is simply adding to a growing resentment of law enforcement, and a lack of respect for the badge.

Dr. Dre is continuing to assert himself as a master businessman, and the timing of release for his latest album, Compton,could not be better. First week results have showed more than 25 million streams of the album, coupled with more than half a million downloads, and let’s be honest, is that really a surprise? The album is a perfect representation of West Coast rap, and is a showcase of generations of hip-hop talent.

Make sure you get along to a screening; any music fan or film buff will appreciate this marvel in storytelling.