2012_09_16 Mac DeMarco photo session at The Echo in Silver Lake.

Mac DeMarco shares home address, invites fans in for coffee

Mac DeMarco has sparked what is probably the cutest episode of mass stalking in musical history. The Canadian singer/songwriter disclosed his real home address in his latest track My House by the Water, in a lighthearted effort to get people to listen to his entire mini-album Another One.

He spoke to Wall Street Journal about his ingenious plan “The way I rationalise it… to have the address you’ll have to listen to the album to the very end… Second, to even consider coming to my house you have to be a kind of superfan. And thirdly, it’s in such a weird part of New York that if they actually get there, they deserve a cup of coffee.”

Great idea in theory… except it didn’t quite work out that way. He told Billboard that he didn’t know what he was thinking “I’ve had about 30 kids come so far.” It seems that the bold move did little to encourage people to listen to the entire album, but rather initiated a kind of challenge for bored teenagers, who are giving very little thought to the actual logistics of visiting a musician at their house. For example whether they are even going to be there. DeMarco stated:

“Everybody has been nice, but I asked a kid the other day, ‘Did you check if I was on tour or did you just come over blindly?’ And they were like, ‘We just came over.’ These kids came from Long Island and Staten Island. They took the train for two hours. You didn’t even think to check if I’m on tour?”

Oh well, at the moment it seems like a bit of harmless fun. Let’s just hope it doesn’t creepy and end up like this situation with Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson.

If you’re interested in paying DeMarco a visit, or if you just genuinely want to here the track, check it out below!