Two Shot Dead At OVOFest Afterparty

Once again, tragedy has unfolded due to gun violence in the US.

A fatal shooting has left two dead and three others critically injured at the official after-party following Drake‘s Toronto-based OVOFest overnight. Drake and many other notable guests had attended the party, held at famed nightclub Muzik.

According to Toronto Police Superintendent Frank Bergen, an incident that had “occurred originally in the bar area […] spilled out into the streets” at about 3:30am. He also mentioned that there are three separate crimes scenes at different locations north and south of the area.

“At this point we do know for certain that one or two [shootings] were in the nightclub and we believe the others were outside of that area,” Bergen added. “This is all unfolding now and we’re doing our investigation.”

The victims aged in their 20s and 30s join many who have lost their lives due to the loose gun laws in the US. Two weeks ago we saw another fatal shooting at a screening of Amy Schumer’s Trainwreak in Lafayette, Louisiana. Schumer has now spoken out in favour of gun control in the US. You can see her emotional call to action below.

Drake has addressed the debate in Snoop Dogg’s (then Snoop Lion) 2013 track No Guns Allowed, featuring Snoop’s daughter Cori B. Despite the song’s anti-gun theme, Drake’s verse says that we humans are the ones at fault in this situation rather than the guns themselves. “Bullets do not pick a victim/It’s the shooter that picks ’em.”