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Listen Out Announces Third Instalment of Crate Diggers Stage

Listen Out is just around the corner, and is bringing with it one of the best lineups we’ve seen in some time. Childish GambinoRae SremmurdJoey Bada$$ODESZAHayden JamesClient Liaison and so many more, it is enough to make your head spin when you consider how spoiled for choice we punters are.

Unfortunately, it seems the folks behind this festival like to make things a little bit harder for us. They clearly like to make us sweat, with the announcement today that the Red Bull Music Academy Crate Diggers stage is set to also make a comeback for this year’s festival.

“What is the Crate Diggers?”, I hear you ask. The festival summed it up best themselves when they explained, “We round up a bunch of dance music experts who also happen to be excellent DJs and set them loose to excavate the musical ancestors of the sounds you’ll hear on the two main stage.” If that alone doesn’t sound like a good time, I don’t know what is.

From “All Australian Dance Music” to “Italo-Disco”, this stage is going to be one hell of a party and one that could well and truly rival the main stages. Check below for more details and then join me stressing out about how the hell I’m going to work out a timetable!


Jack Love plays Rhythm Of The Night

Ara Koufax plays All Australian Dance Music

Discovery plays Daft Punk

Mat Cant plays Grime Scene

Brooklyn Queenz plays All-Girl Rap-Fest

Dizz 1 plays 1980-2014: 1 hip-hop track per year

Jonno Haze plays Remember Mash-ups?



Black & Blunt play Remember Mash-ups?

Troy Division plays All Australian Dance Music

Discovery plays Daft Punk

Genga & Oh Dear! play 100% Tropical

Deadweight plays Grime Scene

Shadow Brothers play Acid House

Klean Kicks & Asian play 1980-2014: 1 hip-hop track per year



Motorik Vibe Council plays Acid House

Bad Ezzy plays Mash-ups

Discovery plays Daft Punk

Moriarty plays Grime Scene

Tom Tilley plays All Australian Dance Music

Ariane plays Rhythm Of The Night

Typhonic plays 90s Trip-Hop



Lachness & Lavitz play All Australian Dance Music

Charlie Hustle plays 90s Trip-Hop

Discovery plays Daft Punk

Jimmy D & MJ Monsta play Acid House

Percy Miracles plays Grime Scene

Jordan James & Kendall Banks play 100% Tropical

Mark Maxwell plays Italo-Disco