ODESZA Remix Hayden James’ ‘Something About You’

Hayden JamesSomething About You is definitely one of the biggest Australian tracks to have come out this year. With almost 4 million plays on SoundCloud, it’s propelled James into a whole new sphere of popularity, even further than where he was before. It’s no surprise that it’s had a fair few people try their hand at remixing it – but now, around seven months since it came out, Seattle super-duo ODESZA have released their own version of it.

The two have a history of working together. Hayden James has been support for ODESZA both in their tour of ‘In Return’ North America and some of their Australia shows in January – so it’s no surprise they’ve tackled one of his most well known tracks.

Smooth piano drifts into the signature vocal line, which have been re-recorded by a different vocalist – much more suited to the style of track that the two are going for. It builds, and the break of the song is in typical ODESZA style – lots of lush sounding synths and high pitched vocal cuts before it hits back to the piano. It’s a great transition from house to a more explosive kind of synth driven track, but even though the genre change is so obvious, the remnants of the original still ring true – both in the vocals and the hooks.

Both Hayden James and ODESZA are playing the Listen Out Festival Tour in September/October, and this writer’s really hoping for some cross-set interaction between the two. Tickets are still available, so definitely check that out if you vibe on this remix.