Break the Law with Mac Miller

Mac Miller and I have an interesting relationship. At the first job I ever had straight out of high school, my nickname was “Mac”. Apparently I bare a slight resemblance to the Pittsburgh rapper, and it’s definitely not the first time I’ve heard it. Perhaps that’s why I always feel some sense of pride and happiness whenever Mac is back in the mainstream and killing it.

Mac has been on a hiatus of sorts, coming to grips with some drug issues in recent times, but it would appear that he has put that behind him, reinvented his sound and finally released some new tracks to the world.

Following up the first single 100 Grandkids, from the upcoming album GO:OD AM, Break the Law continues to showcase the direction that Mac is headed with his music. The flow and beat is absolutely on point here, and this album is surely shaping up to be a summer soundtrack.

Juicy J makes a brief appearance on the song, and doesn’t really add anything of substance, although it is definitely nice to see Mac teaming up with some of the old school of hip-hop, adding to his own versatility as a rapper.

The general consensus was that Mac would continue to delve into depressing subject matter through his music, a la Earl Sweatshirt, particularly after the Faces mixtape (which just so happened to include some Earl produced tracks). After hearing the first two tracks, the album seems to be heading towards more of a humorous direction, but coupled with Mac’s flow and solid production, it is great to see him overcoming his demons and enjoying himself within his music once again.

Peep the track on iTunes now. GO:OD AM is scheduled for a September 18 release via Warner Bros Records.