Peep Master P’s Documentary Trailer

Master P is a name that many hip-hop fans of the current generation would not recognise, and that in itself is a great disservice to the man who brought a flair to the game that is still difficult to match. The man was a mainstay of the late 90’s, and was just about as lavish as they come, and with good reason. In 2013, Forbes named Master P, real name Percy Robert Miller, as the third richest figure in hip-hop, carrying a net worth of $350 million.

It would appear that Master P still has plenty of stories left to tell, releasing the trailer this week for his self-directed biographical documentary entitled Ice Cream Man: King of the South. The film looks to be a gritty retelling of the historic rise of Master P and his No Limit Records label, from platinum records to plenty of controversy. Hip-hop biopics are currently the trend in the film making world, with the astounding success of Straight Outta Compton,and Master P looks set to take advantage.

One of Master P’s most popular tracks, Make ’em Say Uhh went double platinum, and even upon first listen you will be able to see the differences that hip-hop has taken in such a short space of time.

The documentary is slated for a September 2016 release, and will be distributed worldwide, so make sure you show the Ice Cream Man some love and catch a screening.