Review: Eves The Behavior is an electric shock of electro-pop

Eves The Behavior has already made a huge impression on the music world with her part two singles and live performances. Last week she dropped a bombshell, saying her self-titled EP would be released in just over a week. As her debut release, it was said to give us an idea of who “Eves The Behavior” really is.

Eves The Behavior is the stage name of Hannah Karydas, a 20 year old from North Queensland. According to an interview with Yen Magazine, the songstress has been writing songs since she was 10 years old. Around that time, she was obsessed with Crowded House and Hilary Duff (something she and I both shared at that age), but she has come a long way since then, as we can see from this EP.

Now that it has been released, we can uncover the mystery of Eves The Behavior once and for all.

First up, we have her two singles TV and Electric. TV has been a fan favourite so far, and you can easily see why. The chilled, eerier medley will capture your heart immediately – and it’s even better live. The lyrics are just as alluring as her beautiful vocals, with vivid descriptions like “I caught my face on icy screen twisted lips wickedly”.

The electro-pop sound is strong in the second single Electric. I’m not exactly sure why this song isn’t played on mainstream radio. Surely its upbeat sound and danceable rhythm would attract more listeners outside the circles of ‘indie’ music. One of our writers has already spoken about Electric, praising every aspect. Seeing as this is my favourite song from Eves some far, all I can do is agree.

Digging is one of the songs I haven’t heard before. For me, this song is like the colour purple. It has a dark and mysterious, yet beautiful tone. The clapping drums merge with the electronic effects to create the addictive medley. You’ll keep pressing repeat, just in case you hear something different the second time around.

Lastly, we have a remixed version of TV by rock band Warpaint. While the song is already great as it is, this is a just a different take on it. The added pitch shifts make it sound darker than the original. While there are so many beautiful sounds with the different beats thrown in the mix, Eves voice is still the life of the party as it rises above the noise. We can only hope an album will be on the way soon.

Eves The Behavior is now available via Dew Process.