Eves The Behavior To Release A New EP next Friday!

Yes, you read that right. Eves The Behavior is releasing a brand new EP next Friday. The charming songstress’ self-titled EP will feature her singles TV and Electrical, as well as two other tracks.

If you haven’t heard of her, you are sincerely missing out. Eves has splashed onto the dark electro-pop music scene in style. She has accumulated more than a million plays on Soundcloud and a considerable amount of radio play on Triple J. She has previously toured with Courtney Barnett and Sky Ferreira and worked with highly acclaimed songwriters in the UK and US, including Stella Mozgawa (from Warpaint), Samuel Dixon and Chris Walla.

Though the her music is incredible with all its layers and textures, her lyrics are some of the most beautiful aspects of her songs. “Most of my lyrics are like behavioural studies,” she says. “I like to write about my observations of others that I guess are really just mirroring observations of things I do myself.”

This EP is just a taste of what Eves is about. She gave Rolling Stone a quick explanation of her music’s aesthetic. “I’m really focusing on creating a fictional world with recurring characters, and a story that unfolds every time I put something out… I’m a very visual person. Songs exist in rooms for me and they have certain defined faces with certain temperatures. To me music and visuals go hand in hand.”

I’ve been obsessed with her since seeing her live in March. Everything about her is alluring; from her haunting voice to her hypnotic dancing. I recommend you see her in action when you get the chance. Splendour In The Grass is your opportunity. She is booked to hit the stage in the early afternoon on Saturday July 25th. Try to find the space to add her to your timetable. You won’t regret it.

Eves The Behavior will be released on July 24th via Dew Process.