Live Review: Until The Ribbon Breaks, WET, Tkay Maidza & Eves The Behavior

The Oxford Art Factory sure knows how to throw a wicked party!

Last night, Dew Process threw a label party in Sydney, featuring performances from some of their biggest artists including Tkay Maidza and Brooklyn’s Wet. As we walked into the venue, we were graced with their fantastic lighting display, quickly getting us pumped up for the amazing night ahead. The intimate, exclusive  setting made it all the more exciting!

We got up close and personal with the artists,and this is what we saw.

First up, Eves The Behavior set the bar for what we could expect for the rest of the night. Not only was she beautiful to look at, but her sound was just as alluring. You could see how much she gets into her performances with the way she closes her eyes and feels the music with her body. Her sensual vocals soared above the commanding backing music, and her dancing was almost hypnotic, as she soaked up the sound into her veins, just like we did.

While all of her songs were fantastic, her latest single TV was really impressive. It showed the crowd who she was as an artist and the sheer passion she has for her music. If someone who had never hear her before and came to saw this performance, they would’ve fallen in love with her in a matter of minutes.

Tkay Maidza was next. You could just see how excited the crowd was, even before she got on stage. She definitely has an undeniable presence on stage, with the entire audience hyped up as she danced like crazy throughout the whole set. Her DJ added to the hype as he got into the swell of the sound, filling every corner of the sweaty room.

Her tracks are fantastic, but she is even more incredible live. Her strong performance showed off her serious talent and obvious star power – it’s easy to see why she is “one of the most buzzed about young artists in Australia.”

Each one of her tracks was so full of energy and genuine joy. It’s so hard to pick a favourite, but the one that I can’t stop singing is Must Die! With its easy-to-remember hook and catchy tune, it had everyone singing along, showing off the way she can control a crowd with only her voice. As she finished, the noise from the audience was deafening.

And then Until The Ribbon Breaks, one of my personal faves, graced the stage. As frontman Pete Lawrie-Winfield told me in our recent interview, they usually have a projector in the room when they record their songs. Indeed, they brought one along, and it was a great asset to their sensational performance.

Their performance was everything I anticipated it would be and more. Being up close, I could not only feel the intensity, but also see it on Pete’s face as he sang his beautiful lyrics. James Gordon, the magician behind the programming, lived up to his reputation of consistently being on point. Drummer Elliot Wall brought the joy of performing to life with the constant smile on his face that you could see when he was visible in amongst the fog.

From 2025 to Goldfish, each track was so incredible. With everything going on, they threw instruments to the ground and immediately turned to tear up a new one. It left me thinking, “is there anything they can’t play?” There was so much energy that by the end of their set, Pete was completely wiped out. That just shows how much work and passion they put into their music, live and pre-recorded alike. Read my review of their album and you’ll see what I mean.

WET was the last to perform. Their beautiful, whimsical sound gave us a break after the upbeat, intense madness of the night. Currently on tour opening for London Grammar, they gave a chilling performance that made me want the night to start over once again.

The dreamy feel washed over the room as they listened intently, swaying and softly singing along. They set a different atmosphere from the rest, using a softer presence to bring the crowd together. This was so refreshing after the night we’ve had, and would’ve been the perfect soundtrack while winding down after having such a long and busy day.

Their performance of Bad Idea opened up their setlist on a high note. It was immediately ear-catching from the difference in tempo. The beat drove its way into our hearts and made us feel closer together as they played. The perfect way to end a great show.