Watch this mini-documentary about Ta-Ku!

On Friday, June 12, Perth’s multi-talented Ta-ku will be curating his own Boiler Room session in collaboration with Red Bull Music Academy. As written about here, he’s selecting an array of local and international talent to support him, as well as premiering his stunning new EP, Songs to Make up To.

To get us all pumped up for what is sure to be an incredible event, Red Bull Music Academy have released a little teaser video. Filming the artist in the barbershop that he opened in his hometown just last year, they explore his many creative passions, as well as how Red Bull Music Academy affected his career as an artist.

Never one to sit idle, Ta-ku is constantly pushing the limits of his own creativity, to the point that he’s created his own mini empire. He has a passion for visual arts photography, which has spawned a burgeoning sneaker community on Instagram labelled #TeamCozy and the collaborative project Create&Explore.

The mini-documentary is beautifully filmed, striking that fine line between advertising and art. Red Bull as a company is known for pouring billions of dollars into their own marketing, some of it more conspicuous that other. Ta-ku talks on the documentary of how he applied to Red Bull Music Academy, and upon being selected went to Barcelona to team up with 30 other musicians. It changed his life, as well as his trajectory as a musician.

“For me being from Perth, and being able to have an opportunity like that was, I think that was a pivotal change in making it a career.”

It’s crazy that in the name of selling an energy drink, incredible artists and creative communities can be born. I guess that’s just modern marketing for us.

If you aren’t in Perth, tune into boilerroom.tv/chronicles on Friday June 12, 22:00 – 0.100 AEST to hear Ta-ku’s Boiler Room session.