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Listen to Lupe Fiasco’s collaboration with Consequence

Lupe Fiasco and Consequence have finally put out their debut collaboration, Countdown. The release follows the trailer that the pair had teased earlier this year.

In an interview with BET, Consequence spoke about how the track came together. He says he contacted Lupe about working together immediately after heading to LA. He added, “When you hear Consequence and Lupe Fiasco, automatically you think lyrics: It’s going to be a lyric bonanza. But for a record of that nature to make sense, it’s gotta have a dope chorus, otherwise it could turn into a freestyle.” And dope chorus it does have, courtesy of Chris Turner‘s smooth vocals.

The pair have nearly three decades of musical experience behind them, so it’s pretty special to hear this kind of work coming out in a supposedly non-lyrical hip-hip world. Lupe Fiasco has made something of a musical comeback in recent years, coming full circle with his dazzling album Tetsuo & Youth. Potent and challenging, it marks a new chapter in his musicianship and career, surprising many with the depth and detail found in its phrases.

Listen to the track below: