Skepta and Devlin Talk Money in New Clip ’50 Grand’

I am so fascinated with the UK grime scene, and am the first to admit I was late to the party with what’s going on over there. Frontrunners like Skepta and Devlin deliver time and time again, and have worked tirelessly to (finally) bring their sounds to the world stage.

These two heavyweights teamed up on a new track back in March called 50 Grand, and now they’ve released the accompanying clip. The track puts money and wealth in perspective, with Skepta’s verse in particular acting like a lightning rod when it comes to looking at what it all really means. “I never had it. Made it, saved it, spent it, lost it, gave it to people who needed it more than me” he spits in a carpark, as the parallel story line unfolds around him in which a guy walking around flashing his jewellery gets run down by three local kids for it. Read the full lyrics here.

The two are a match made in heaven, and this track is the perfect re-entry for Devlin after an 18-month hiatus. Something tells me we are just going to see more and more from this once underground scene, and if the tracks are like this one, that is definitely a good thing!