PREMIERE: Good Old War Flies Away With Latest Song

US rockers Good Old War are no strangers to “new album jitters”. In fact, their latest forthcoming LP will be their fifth studio album since 2008. Titled Broken Into Better Shape, this next album is the follow up to their 2012 release Come Back As Rain, which saw them skyrocket to international success, and perform on the likes of Conan. Casual, I know.

Over their time, they’ve supported the likes of Iron & Wine, Dashboard Confessional, Xavier Rudd and Counting Crows, and just a few months ago announced their triumphant return with new single Tell Me What You Want From Me. Now, your mates H&E have the exclusive first listen to their follow up single! Titled Fly Away, the band are wasting no time at all reminding listeners and fans old and new just who they are, what they’re about and what they’re capable of. From the intricate guitar melodies, lush and gorgeous vocal harmonies and euphoric, feel good lyrics, Fly Away is a song that instantly grabs you and reminds you of a time where you let everything go.

It’s a beautiful track, packed with good vibes and warm sunshine, and will have folks looking very much forward to the imminent release of Broken Into Better Shape. In case you weren’t aware, the band (now just two – Keith and Daniel) kicked off a PledgeMusic campaign after former drummer Arnold hung up his Good Old War hat, which was very successful indeed (132% successful if you are going from the campaign page). Promising figures for a promising album, if Fly Away is in anyway indicative of what we can expect to come from their forthcoming album, we can expect a great album indeed!

Broken Into Better Shape is out July 3rd via Nettwerk Records.