The Eight Best New Video Clips

Lilt Take

Lilt have dropped a music video for their gorgeous new track Take. The clip is a live performance at emerging Perth venue Jimmy’s Den, and it is absolutely mesmerising. Lead singer Louise Penman has one of those voices that makes all the hair on your back stand on end. Backed up by soft, penetrative electronica, she is breathtaking.

The film is simple; black and white close-ups of the band. It allows the viewer to really submerge themselves in the sound, so that when the song builds in layers and dimension, we are taken with that build in such an incredible way.

Tuka – Tattoo

You might know him better as part of hip hop group Thundamentals, but Tuka has started to do his own thing. His solo work looked to have a Raury-type vibe, infusing an indie sentimentality with smooth hip hop vibes. It sounds good, but it felt like he had the potential to create music that sounded a lot more unique.

Following on from his first single Nirvana, he has now released a new video for Tattoo. Lifted from his upcoming album Life Death Time Eternal, it’s a huge leap ahead of Nirvana. Tuka seems to have struck that balance that he couldn’t find before, between creating a song that features his signature rapping style, but is still soft and melodic. The chorus is surprisingly catchy and the backup track is on point. Tattoo is accompanied by a lovely music video, expressing that feeling of seeing your ex everywhere, when it is really just someone else.

URTEKK – Pareidolia

For a relatively new band, URTEKK have been killing it this year. The experimental dance/electronica four-piece have performed at Rainbow Serpent, WOMAdelaide and Wide Open Spaces, and they’ve now released a music video for their awesome new track Pareidolia.

The clip is terrifying, featuring a man with a black demon eye hanging out in a field and interacting with strange mirrors and objects. Completely creepy and awesome. URTEKK’s intense, throbbing sound suits the feel of the piece perfectly, resulting in a very disturbing, intruiging experience for the viewer.

Antony & Cleopatra – Take Me

Sydney and London duo Antony & Cleopatra have dropped the visual component to their latest track Take Me and it is absolutely stunning. Featuring black and white footage of famous couples, the film is nostalgic, and surprisingly graceful.

Famous pairings such as John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Bob and Ethel Kennedy join the likes of Ellen and Porcha, JT and Brittany Spears. The use of archival footage of the celebrities and politicians doing every day things somehow strips them of their prestige, giving the film an incredible intimacy. Antony & Cleopatra are an unlikely couple themselves, not just geographically but also musically. Their first endeavour into soulful electronica was the product of a pop writing session gone astray. Regardless of their uncommon backgrounds, their sound is absolutely perfect.

Tear Council – My Car

We’re going ham on the archival footage this week. Sydney duo Tear Council have released a gorgeous new film for their track My Car, which features footage from seminal car films such as Vanishing Point, Repo Man, The Driver and American Graffiti. 

The song itself is a soaring, nostalgia-tinged out-pouring of emotion. Lead singer Matt Van Schie (Van She) lends his recognisable voice to a dreamy electronic soundscape, courtesy of Touch Sensitive’s Michael di Francesco. It is another wonderful, albeit unlikely pairing. If you like beautiful old cars and having a good old cry, then this song is for you. It has both.

Vic Mensa – U Mad ft. Kanye West

Call it a guilty pleasure, but I’m pretty sick for trap, and I really like this track. The clip is a spectacle – a clear scene of Vic in some kind of bondage-inspired straightjacket type thing, a dimly lit, nearly religious shot of Mensa bathed in red light, and scenes of a similarly-red party. And then there’s Kanye, featured in nearly identical shots but obviously stealing the show. It’s one of his funnier guest verses, that’s for sure.

I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand exactly what is going on in this video – but I’m okay with that.

Alison Wonderland – Run

Alison Wonderland’s latest video clips have been high tech, dramatic, and lots of fun – more fun than her live shows, anyway. The latest, for eerie and ethereal slow burner Run, is no different. Visceral and actually captivating, the clip shows a bunch of bruised and bloody violently robbing a candy store and then eating ice cream. It also shows huge amounts of liquid, coloured like the ice cream, getting poured over these guys. It’s really weird but very cool. Alison herself makes a couple of appearances too, although they’re kind of distracting and if we’re being honest, unnecessary.

Palace of the King – Another Thing Coming

Everyone loves a bit of good ol’ rock ‘n roll – especially when it looks and feels like a classic retro MTV clip.
With Deep Purple-channelling riffs and Axl Rose-esque vocals, this is big, loud, and in-your-face fun. Sure, there’s not one iota of originality about this sound, but that’s alright – if we’re being honest, it’s unlikely this band are trying to change the world. They’re having fun playing fun music, and I’m having fun listening to it. Hair metal is particularly awesome on the live stage, so be sure to catch Palace of the King live on their upcoming national tour – details here.