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Weekly Playlist: The Best New Music

Here it is folks, your weekly playlist of the coolest new tracks out this week. Lots of smooth electronic music today, with hip hop and R&B infusions – yep, it’s one of those days.

Eekkoo & Flowers And Sea Creatures, 4th Bell
Canadian producer Eekkoo has a wonderfully diverse range of music which he creates – from the dark and tormented, to the atmospheric, he’s a man of many talents. Teaming up with FaSC for 4th Bell, it’s as though Thom Yorke teamed up with Nicolas Jaar, and they had this musical baby. Click here to grab two additional remixes of this wonderful, delicate track.

Basenji, Petals
Time and time again, Basenji is proving himself to be a real tastemaker in the Australian electronic scene. Always on trend with his flitting synths and top-heavy vocals, Petals opens with emotional piano chords and a breathy, psych-pop melody. One of those tracks where only a few little things – the piano, the deep atmosphere, the lack of a huge, grabby drop – takes this track from potentially boring to something special.

Jai Wolf, Indian Summer
This is the latest release from Foreign Family Collective, a newly launched label run by our favourite electronic duo, Odesza. As with every FFC release so far, you can hear a distinctly Odesza-esque influence, but the important thing is that it’s just that – an influence, not a carbon copy. I absolutely love the swift rim-hit rhythm, and it’s gorgeous contrast against the ambient atmosphere. Really keen to hear more from Jai Wolf!

Chiefs, Demon ft. Beayz
The melody is seductive and so confident, paired perfectly with the rhythm, which goes from smooth electro-R&B to dub. I have big love for this track (although the drop is big enough to nearly veer into guilty-pleasure territory) – there’s something about the melody that’s really gotten under my skin. And who doesn’t love that slick blend of super slow dub/ska chords with sexy R&B. This is real baby makin’ music. Mmmm.

Emmy Wildwood, Scream
Wow – what a unique and gorgeous track this is. Spooky and strange, this feels like it’s been lifted from another world – one where the music all sounds like a mixture of Kate Bush and Nick Cave. This is a stunning track, which was actually created specifically to be used as the opening credits song on an upcoming TV show called ‘Scream Queens,’ which I believe is a show about sorority girls and a serial killer. Watch the trailer here.

Sorcha Richardson, Petrol Station
This is probably my favourite track of the week. Minimal, understated and gorgeous. A track that’s as lyrically captivating as it is musically, I’ve listened to it maybe 15 times and it only gets better. It has a distantly sad sentimentality which really reminds of Rhye, only with the addition of growing rhythms and pulsating synths. I absolutely adore this single, and cannot wait to hear more.

Sinah, Potters
Berlin born, London based producer Sinah has released this incredible, encapsulating single that’s simply swept me away. There’s something very very hypnotic about the instrumentation here, particularly when topped by those trip-hop vocals. Dark and smokey, I can’t tell whether it’s futuristic, or representative of a time and place lost long ago. Whatever the case may be, Sinah has my undivided attention. Listen to Sinah’s full album here.

Mr Carmack, All In ft. Kehlani
Who knew that Mr Carmack could make such gorgeous R&B? For his new track, the producer has called in a favour from the hyped-up Kehlani. Exuding the kind of vibes I’ve come to know and love from artists like SZA, there’s a confidence and richness to Kehlani’s voice which is largely unparalleled in her peers. You can really fall in love to this track – an impressive collab from two stellar artists.

James Bay, Hold Back The River (Miracle Remix)
The original version of this track is absolutely everywhere – on the radio, on TV advertising, I even think I’ve heard it playde at my gym. I thought I’d never want to listen to it again – until I heard this hip hop flip, courtesy of Miracle. Essentially using the original track as a sample, Miracle lays down a new beat and slick rhymes over the immensely popular hit single. Breathing fresh new life into an uplifting yet overdone track, this is just awesome.

B.Miles, Nine Matches (prod. Noise Club)
It’s no secret that I love a good female-led electro track. But because it’s no secret, I get a LOT of them sent to me every week. This track is gorgeous though, and it definitely stands out from the crowd. Somewhere smack bang in the middle of Tinashe and London Grammar, this is dark, sensual and a stunning display of B.Miles’ vocal skills. Another artist who I’m looking forward to hearing more from.