Rick Ross slapped with another law suit

Rick Ross has been slapped with a lawsuit from photographer Armen Djerrahian after using one of his photos of Jay-Z without permission in his new video clip. In the video for Movin’ Bass, the picture crops up for not even half a second in a flutter of photographs. Granted the photo is a famous one, where Jay-Z is throwing up the Roc-a-fella sign with both hands.

It comes almost exactly a year after Armen sued Rozay for previously using photos without permission. Clearly, it didn’t quite sink in. Currently, Armen is seeking to grab all the profits made from Jay-Z’s image and a court order to block it from further use. I’m no copyright lawyer, but it seems like it would be pretty hard to prove how much profit (if any) came from a picture on a video that flashed for a fraction of an instant. He alleges that he was not contacted or credited in any way before its use.

Check out the video below, the photo flashes up around 1:43 (look closely or you’ll miss it):