Snoop Dogg channels his inner Tarantino in the video for ‘So Many Pros’

Snoop Dogg‘s thirteenth and final album, Bush, is mere weeks away from dropping. To get us all in the mood, the Doggfather has dropped a video for the Pharrell-produced second single; So Many Pros.

The song itself is a bland bucket full of shit and stripper tears that sounds almost exactly the same as previous single Peaches N Cream. Autotune Snoop is possibly the worst Snoop of all the Snoops, but the accompanying video is actually kind of sweet. The whole thing is one giant, colourful montage of 70s blaxploitation movie-style posters featuring Snoop in a number of roles ranging from secret agent, to afro guy, to pimp, to pimp in a fedora, to pimp with a gun to… you get the idea.

Bush is out May 12 via Doggystyle, i Am OTHER and Columbia.