Adria - Falling (Promo)

Video Roundup

Adria, Falling

Perth’s Adria (named after the Adriatic Sea) has now released the video for Falling, an otherworldly exploration of sound and rhythm. The dark clip is largely black and white, featuring the singer swimming and singing with grace and emotion. It’s an intimate, interesting clip – the perfect complement to the introverted, beautiful song.

Safia, Counting Sheep

The Canberra trio are back with the video for Counting Sheep. Directed by the , who also directed the post-apocalyptic clip for You Are The One. The spooky clip is eerie and somehow evokes a horror-movie vibe; you never know if something horrible is just about to happen. While this is, admittedly, my least favourite Safia song so far, this is a wholly entertaining video clip.

Szymon, Golden

It can’t be easy to create a video clip for a song that’s been released posthumously, but the beautiful work created for Szymon’s Golden is wonderful. Directed by Emile Frederick, the surreal, intimate clip was filmed in Scotland, with the idea that it’s set in an alternate reality where the sun rises once every 23 years, and is therefore considered a rare, beautiful phenomenon. Vast landscapes and dark blue hues give way to blinding light and fantastical surreality. It’s warm and somehow devastating at the same time.

Tired Lion, I Don’t Think You Like Me

Switching it up a bit, here’s Tired Lion’s video clip for the fuzzy, female-fronted indie punk single. The clip itself is really fun, a visual collage of their experiences on tour – from drinking in hotels to being live on stage, driving around and… eating soup. The track is really refreshing – the sound is bright and exciting, with heavy grunge guitars and wicked vocals. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys!

Darts, Aeroplane

We recently wrote about Darts’ wonderful new track Aeroplane, and now we’ve got a clip to go along with it. The grainy clip is really quite surreal, with the lead star walking for quite some distance to a house, only to see its residents (who are the band members, by the way) deliver her one hell of a death stare. So she leaves, eventually heading to a smoke-filled house party – only to be again confronted by the death stare crew. She later encounters them AGAIN atop a car in the street. Creepy.

Ty Dolla $ign, Drop That Kitty ft. Tinashe and Charli XCX

Well, this is just a bit of fun. Not exactly fitting in with the indie vibe of the above tracks, the high-end clip is tonnes of expensive fun. Ty Dolla’s awfully auto-tuned verses feature him driving around in a car, while Charli XCX walks and rides on a weird tricycle, next to two women with huge cat heads photoshopped onto them. Then you have Tinashe doing a sexy dance, with two backup dancers who, you guessed it, also have weird cat faces. This is just a fucking weird and funny clip. Watch it.

J Cole, Wet Dreamz

I’ve saved the best for last. We loved J Cole’s album Forest Hills Drive, and now we’ve got the video clip for his second single, Wet Dreamz. The track features a special kind of star – the four-egged furry kind! The clip begins with Cole walking a gorgeous canine, and the clip goes on to tell the tale of two lovestruck dogs. The track itself is about how he’s a virgin, and is about to lose, but doesn’t want her to know. Hilarious and incredibly cute all at once – and the excellent soundtrack doesn’t hurt. My favourite this week for sure!