SAFIA drop chilling new video for ‘Counting Sheep’

Canberra’s electronic three-piece SAFIA have dropped the music video for their latest, most chilling song yet; Counting Sheep. Taken straight from the pages of a horror novel, the song alone can induce some form of paranoia – let alone the music video.

The video begins with a call-out to Canberrans, with a landscape of the curiously waterless Lake George. The video takes place on the edge of the lake at a Stop Revive Survive station on a highway which is a good start for a horror movie which is already terrifying enough after dark. While voice-overs warn ‘don’t fall asleep’, a goulish person emerges from a chained box in the back of a open truck. The ghoul is met by men in black as they emerge from dark cars and are quickly transfixed by the ghoul.

Sound a little unbelievable? Watch it yourself.

It’s yet another step in the right direction for SAFIA, whose brand of electronic music is increasingly being noticed nationally. While a different flavour from their earlier songs such as Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues it has clearly worked, with Counting Sheep being their most popular song yet.

Just don’t watch it before bed.