Ryan O’Reilly debuts stunning new music video

Veteran English musician Ryan O’Reilly has just released an absolutely stunning music video for his new single Northern Lights. Made up of a collection of shots that would be welcome on any postcard, it is a brilliant visual representation of the romance fuelled, sombre ballad.

The clip has an almost post-apocalyptic feel, despite the fact it is filmed in the beautiful Ontario, Canada. The sepia, isolated feel brings the attention to the sublime landscapes – contrasting between natural beauty of rolling mountains and ice compared with the run down, rusted brown cars and rudimentary houses that inhabit the town. The video weaves amongst these landscapes through the adventure of two young kids who are gleefully exploring.

The song comes off his recent EP of the same name, as he returns home to Europe for his tour. For now, we Australians must be content to watch the video and listen to his dulcet tones, just wishing that Australia had mountains half as beautiful as theirs.