Alison Wonderland Announces Warehouse Parties 2.0

If you have been anywhere near a device with the internet on it lately, chances are you’ve at least heard of Alison Wonderland. Slowly but surely, she’s been climbing the ladder nearing world domination. From the release of her EP, Calm Down last year, with MASSIVE track I Want U being smashed by blogs and radio alike, as well as her appearing at more than a few Australian festivals, it’s safe to say 2014 was a pretty big year for Wonderland. That is of course before she dropped her debut album Run. Now the success of 2015 is going to make her previous year pretty casual indeed.

In between touring America and being booked for Coachella, Wonderland has managed to drop an album to huge amounts of hype, and consequent success. From her Wayne Coyne featuring first single U Don’t Know (which featured Mclovin in the film clip), to her strip club venue launch parties, Run might just be one of the most anticipated Australian releases for this year. In order to celebrate accordingly, Alison Wonderland has recently announced a string of warehouse parties, similar to her “run” of warehouse shows last year. If the “run” of warehouse shows she had last year were anything to go by, we are all in for a real treat.

Packing hundreds of sweaty punters into one massive room, with makeshift bars and insulation hanging from the ceiling, the shows she put on last year were loose, heaving and generally pretty spectacular. Recruiting Young Franco and Wave Racer for supports, the triple treat of a lineup saw adoring fans completely lose all inhibitions to turn into a big, hedonistic party. I literally went to the show on crutches due to an unfortunate mountain climbing incident that morning, and even then it was unreal!

You can get tickets at, and wait with bated breath for the revealing of locations. Check the dates below, and don’t delay!

Wonderland Warehouse Project dates:

Friday 22 May – Brisbane, secret location TBA

Saturday 23 May – Perth, secret location TBA

Friday 29 May – Adelaide, secret location TBA

Saturday 30 May – Melbourne, secret location TBA

Saturday 6 June – Sydney, secret location TBA