Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike injured from attack at SXSW

Remember when Run The Jewels were attacked onstage at SWSX earlier this week? This article will refresh your memory.

During their Stubbs’ BBQ performance on Friday, Killer Mike revealed that he was actually injured during the attack. Following the attack he went to see his doctor in Atlanta, who told him he had a torn rotator cuff.

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles located in the shoulder, near the joint. They are very vulnerable and prone to tears. Mike’s doctor advised that he should wear a sling. But, to Mike, this wasn’t an option. “I was like, ‘Doctor, I’m not leaving the road,'” he said. “The tour goes on!”

That’s why we love Run The Jewels. They have so much dedication to their fans.

We finally have some information about why this dude decided to attack RTJ in the first place. Promoter Matt Sonzala was told by police that he “claimed Run the Jewels owed him money and stole his lyrics”.

In reference to Monday’s incident, before they played Banana Clipper, El-P told the crowd, “Last time we did this song, it was interrupted. Let’s not let that happen again.”

Mike chimed in, “If you interrupt this song, we’ll beat the fuck out of you.”

This man has a serious injury and is probably in a lot of pain. Don’t piss him off or you’ll be the one wearing a sling.