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Some guy tried to pick a fight with Run The Jewels

Seriously, why anyone try to pick a fight with these two?

Apparently one guy did yesterday. We have the fan-shot Instagram videos to prove it.

Run The Jewels were performing at SXSW when the wannabe-hero jumped on stage and lunged at El-P. Killer Mike quickly noticed the attacker and tried to push him away.

Don’t fuck with @RUNTHEJEWELS #ForRealTho #TheSpotifyHouse #SXSW #WeLive #SpotifyHouse

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He was chased offstage by Killer Mike and their security. He then continued to fight with the a few members of the audience.

Go to sleep trying to Run Them Jewels! #SXSW #RunTheJewels #CashThat #SpotifyHouse A video posted by djfreeverse (@djfreeverse) on

When they got back on stage, Killer Mike addressed the attacker saying, “Your Mama should be ashamed you were born!” and leading the audience in a chant of “Fuck boy.” They continued their performance as normal like the professionals they are.

#killermike after the puch #runthejewels #spotifyhouse #sxsw

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Following the ordeal, El-P took to Twitter to apologise for the interruption.

The moral of the story; don’t fuck with Run The Jewels.