FIDLAR celebrate Halloween with ‘Devil In Disguyzzzz’

I’ve been a  fan of Los Angeles band FIDLAR ever since Cheap Beer grabbed me by the nuts with all its scuzzy fury a couple of years ago. Trying to follow their activity over social media is pretty tricky though, the dudes are kinda vague in their very infrequent posts, just the occasional plug for a bar gig in LA somewhere with little mention of any songwriting or recording for their follow-up album to last year’s eponymous debut, an album that really needs to happen.

Well trick or flippin’ treat, it looks like the FIDLAR boys haven’t just been surfing and drinking 40s this whole time, because they’ve literally just half an hour ago gifted us with a new track (it’s actually an Elvis cover) and seedy accompanying video with Devil In Disguyzzz, just in time for your Halloween hangover!

More in the vein of No Waves than their harder rocking stuff, this is bouncy and shouty and fuzzy and provides a brilliant little twist of California surf punk on a rock and roll classic. Hopefully it’s a sign of increased productivity from the FIDLAR dudes and some more new stuff is on the way, enjoy.