Death Grips

Death Grips Drop Awesome New Mix, New Album Coming

Overnight, Death Grips dropped a brand new mix with no pre-announcement whatsoever. Not that this is surprising for a group who have broken up and reformed and cancelled tours and announced their demise more times than we can count.

Though it’s only 22 minutes long, it’s one of the experimental trio’s more cohesive and terrifying releases in some time – with a name like Steroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber Megamix), we expected nothing less.

What we didn’t expect, was to hear some actual, straight-up bar-spitting from MC Ride – as in, cohesive verses with a trackable rhythm and an understated instrumental. Of course, the verses are bookended by more traditionally wild noise, but these little valleys of rap are a welcome new addition to their abrasive sound.

Taking to Facebook, the controversial three-piece have also confirmed that a new album is on its way, following on from last year’s chaotic Bottomless Pit. 

Two of Death Grips’ three members, Zach Hill along with Andy morin, have also just released an album, Bodyguard, under new moniker The I.L.Y’s.

Image: Facebook